Key Events in Egypt’s Transitions (an outline subject to change, feel free to comment)

1.  Military Response to Large-scale Protests

a.  Military’s intransigence convinces Mubarak to ‘cede his powers’ (+ 18 days)

b.  Military forces Morsi to resign (+ 3 days)

2. Banning of Demonstrations (Strikes and Protests)

– Depending on the current course and the veracity of the MOI’s supposed statement disallowing future protests, the authority may have institutionally devolved this time.

a.  Cabinet criminalizes strikes and protests
March 23, 2011 (+40 days)

SCAF backs draft law to ban demonstrations
April 21, 2011 (+69 days)

b.  August 15, 2013 (+ 43 days)

Mohammed Ibrahim is widely quoted as saying no more sit-ins of any kind will be tolerated anywhere (though there may be questions as to the original statement’s veracity)

3. Dissolution of Previously-Governing Party

– The previous decision was a legal ruling, involving misuse of state assets. The current proposal stems from executive authority, based on alleged security issues.  The argument over freedom of association appears to have been totally lost, muting some impact of the repeal of emergency laws.

a.  Supreme Administrative Court dissolves NDP, seizes assets
April 16, 2011 (+64 days)

b.  Beblawy proposes banning Muslim Brotherhood
August 17, 2013 (+45 days)

Borai (Social Solidarity Minister) has started the ‘legal process’
August 18, 2013 (+46 days)